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A clean durable sand, most commonly used in concrete or asphalt production.


Most commonly used as a final layer before laying turf, this product is a blend of crushed aggregate screened down to 5mm with dust.


A lightweight volcanic material that is commonly used for drainage.

Crushed Rock / Aggregates: Products
Crushed Rock / Aggregates: Products

All-Purpose Washed Sand and Crushed Dust

Choosing a suitable sand supplier means your assurance of premium results. Rapid Quarries is your trusted supplier of scoria, crushed dust, and washed sand. We’ll supply rated mono and poly material products on-site for immediate use.

Clean and Chemical-Free

High-quality sand is a staple of the building and construction industries. We take pride in all our products, ensuring your load is chemically clean and all particulates hydrated per construction material codes. You can use the sand immediately after delivery to mix concrete, mortar, rendering and castings.


Our crushed dust is an excellent base for artificial turf or as a compacted foundation underneath concrete paths and driveways. We offer pure crusher dust or a blend with screened aggregate, according to your requirements. We’ll help you choose the correct particle size for your use application.


As one of the most consistent scoria suppliers in Melbourne, we offer you the purest product that is industrially possible. Scoria is an exceedingly hard and durable volcanic rock, yet it is also porous, making it excellent for drainage lines and as a lightweight aggregate. Our scoria contains no fines.

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Crusher Dust.jpg

The Pinnacle of Sand Suppliers in Melbourne

Our experience in quarrying and delivering graded sand, aggregate and dust to residential and major commercial construction projects gives you the edge of having the best products for your next project. We’re always ready to assist with unique material, aggregate requirements, and quantities. We deliver on-site, using the best cartage option. Choose Rapid Quarries for dependable crushed dust, scoria, and washed sand.

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