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Commonly known as Lawn Mix. This product is used as a, topdressing for grass and is free from organic ingredients such as manure or compost.  

Commonly known as Top Soil. This high quality product is commonly used for lawns and garden beds.


This product is a type of mulch that can be used as an organic fertilizer to deliver nutrients to existing garden beds.


Crushed Rock / Aggregates: Products
Crushed Rock / Aggregates: Products

Discover Quality Garden Soil in Melbourne

Your garden deserves only the best soil and fertiliser. We understand how to procure and produce the highest quality garden soil around Melbourne for several industries. We offer lawn soil mix, topsoil, and mushroom compost to many requirements.

If you’re starting a new garden, giving your plants premium soil is essential so they have the best chance to thrive. Our topsoil supplies are also excellent for maintaining a healthy garden and aiding in reviving a garden in disrepair.

Image by Gabriel Jimenez

Bring Your Garden Back to Life

Indulge your garden in the luxury of high-quality soil. Nutrient-rich soil will give your beloved plants the highest chance of survival and longevity. You will be amazed by the difference good dirt makes. See your incredible results with our range of garden soil for various Melbourne applications.

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