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Produced to VicRoads standards. All are most commonly used ​for roads, driveways, car parks and concrete slabs.

 These products are screened aggregate with no fines and are most commonly used in plumbing, drainage and concrete works. The 40mm product is most commonly used as a base (truck base). 


With varying screening sizes, recycled products make great cost effective alternatives.


Crushed Rock / Aggregates: Products
Crushed Rock / Aggregates: Products

Quality Crushed Rock for Melbourne Projects

Rapid Quarries supplies top-quality crushed rock, screened aggregate, recycled asphalt profiling, concrete, bricks, and other filler materials. We can deliver your next load of crushed rock to a Melbourne site or elsewhere in Victoria with a suitable vehicle from our fleet.

Select Your Crushed Rock Aggregate Correctly

Our crushed rock conforms to VicRoads standards and is ideal for roads, driveways, car parks, and durable concrete slabs. We supply Classes 2, 3 & 4 crushed and nondescript crushed rock (NDCR) as a quality base material.


Our screened aggregate is ideal when you don’t want fine materials included. The size varies from 7mm to 100mm, making our crushed aggregates popular for drainage systems and landscaping projects. You’ll find recycled crushed rock affordable and practical for many purposes. It is a cost-effective choice for projects where exact pebble size, composition, and colour are unimportant. 


We use recovered crushed aggregates, old bricks, broken concrete, and lifted asphalt profiling to make a product according to your requirements. Recycling is a terrific alternative to the effects of primary mining on the environment.


Choose the Rapid Quarries Advantage

We commit our service to excellence in delivering quality materials on site and sourcing our materials through responsible mining for a sustainable future. Our comprehensive industry knowledge will help you select the most suitable product. Choose the Rapid Quarries advantage for crushed rock around Melbourne.

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