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"to provide the highest quality & most cost effective Quarry Product solution for each and every client"

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Let us do the work and source the products you need at the best price.

Our clients range across different industries using materials such as Crushed Rock, Dust, Top Soil, Sand & Scoria.

Landscaping Supplies for Melbourne Gardens

Landscaping includes all activities that change an area’s visible appearance. Adding plants is only one way of doing this. When buying landscaping supplies, most Melbourne residents consider the unpredictable weather and successfully apply many of our products. Attending to soil quality is another way to give your plants a good start.

Lawn Top Dressing

Like us, landscaping suppliers around Melbourne suggest adding nutrients to enrich the soil. Spreading a top dressing, or nourishing layer, creates an even visual effect and improves lawn and flowerbed soil composition. 

You need not look any further for gardening supplies. Many Melbourne grass suppliers have confidence in our non-organic lawn mix without manure or compost. Our Premium Top Soil is ideal for lawns and flowerbeds. Our regular customers often mention our Mushroom Compost mulch when recommending natural fertiliser garden supplies.

Image by Look Up Look Down Photography
Image by Patrick Langwallner

Choose Rapid Quarries for Garden Supplies in Melbourne

We deliver landscaping supplies across Melbourne directly to your address or project location. 

Our reliable fleet of vehicles with drivers who know the area will deliver your orders promptly and efficiently. Our removal services are also popular, so if you need help removing clay, rocks, concrete or bricks, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 


We’ll beautify your landscape together.

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